Wednesday, January 30, 2008


When the debates started and the Democratic primary race began, I was a little giddy with excitement. I was excited to hear all the new ideas, the plans, the solutions. Looked forward to learning more about these people hoping to take the Presidency. The first debate I watched (on ABC I think?) was ok. It didn't really get to the heart of many issues, but gave me a small sense of the canidates. Basically I ended up understanding the personal taglines for everyone. Hillary was experienced and can start on "Day One", Barak knows America is ready for "change" (which comes with "hope"), and for John Edwards "it's personal." But basically, they all come down on the same side of most issues. It's in the nuances I hoped to really make my decision, but they didn't get into nuances.

I don't blame this as much on the candidates as the people asking the questions. The second debate (on CNN i think) I watched was so much worse. It was after the crying incident with Hillary. And after the MLK/Johnson comment as well. It was all they wanted to talk about. It was like watching TMZ, but instead of Hollywood, it was Washington. I couldn't watch, it was so silly and pointless. What about health care? What about the grip corporations have on our elected representatives? What about the state of public education?

That's when I really stopped paying attention. There were more debates, but I sat on my jaded butt and watched Project Runway instead. What little political updates I managed to see on TV usually revolved around a snide remark (or rather perceived snide remark) made by one about the other, and their reaction, and blah, blah, blah. The media exaggerates every little possible drama to make it gossip and if they're lucky, scandal. Despite my disgust, I had picked my horse, John Edwards. My frustration only grew as his message continually got lost in all the media induced bickering and sensationalism.

Well, John Edwards just "suspended" his campaign and I'm totally bummed. Not sure what "suspended" means...I guess in case some crazy shit happens with Hillary or Obama. Since he still has delegates going to the convention, technically, he could get a nomination?

So now, I guess I'm an Obama fan. But I'll take Hillary over any of the Republicans. I never thought the GOP would even have a chance. But on the horizon I think I see a McCain/Guilianni ticket...gulp. It's really the onlycombo that might get back some of those jaded Republicans for them. And I thought they couldn't win 4 years ago.

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Amy said...

I was an Edwards girl, too. Ptttthhh. Clinton doesn't stand a chance at pulling ANY moderate Republicans like Obaba does, so I'm hoping Obama gets it. It would be really nice to see an Obama/Edwards ticket, but I won't hold my breath.