Thursday, February 21, 2008

hello stranger...

So, I bought A New Earth. It seems that I don't mind being told what to do by Oprah to the degree as previously stated. I've figure the key is to read the book before there are 3 follow up shows on how it changed the life of throngs of Oprah viewers. Then the book won't be ruined for me by preconceptions and expectations. Or, I suppose I could stop watching Oprah...hmm.

So I'll let you know what I think. If I ever finish it. I'm on page 17, and I've had it for a week. But J left this morning for Montana, so I can read before going to bed. Normally, he moans and whines if I want to do this, because the light bothers him. Maybe I can even finish it before he gets back! And not only will I have finished a non-parenting/pregancy book, I'll be "awakened to my life's purpose"... he'll be so pleased.

I wanted to write about a documentary I just saw, but I'm having trouble collecting my thoughts on it. There was a special screening of "The Business of Being Born" at UVM. There are many, many things to say about it, but it's all swirling around in my head. I will say now, that it was good. I enjoyed it. There is a bias, but that bias does not change the validity of the facts and realities the movie depicts. But some of it offended me. Not deeply, but irked me, you know? I will think on it more and see what I come up with. But if you have a chance, and are interested in such things, definitely see it.

As I sit here, Sam is in his room bouncing and grunting. I'm thinking the afternoon nap is becoming a thing of the past. But he's soooooo grumpy! He's been rolling around in his crib for 15 minutes. He's not crying, but he's clearly not napping. And he seems a little annoyed. I'm not ready for one nap a day. But it's not about me, is it?

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amy. said...

I haven't seen BBB yet but I was wondering how it would be viewed from a C-sec mama. I can imagine it would be a very different movie. There is such a fine line between advocating for women to have the birth they want and putting pressure on mamas to have "the perfect birth", thereby setting them up for feelings of failure if it doesn't happen. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on it when you have them collected.