Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but we are officially weaned over here. It's been a couple of weeks and though I miss the close and quiet moments with Sam, I must say it's nice to wear a supportive bra for a change. So I'll have my body to myself (well, as much as that's possible with a 18 month old grabbing onto you every 5 seconds...oh, and don't forget that I'm actually incubating a person in my body...so well, not really) for the next 4 months until baby #2 shows up. Then back to the nursing bras, blech! Oh, I enjoy the act of nursing, but really, is it that hard to make a bra that actually holds things up above the equator?

In the next few months, wow, strike that, few weeks we have a lot of stuff going on. This weekend we are headed to a wedding about 6 hours away. A wedding that we just recently found out Sam is not invited to. I must say this put a kink in our plans. Thank God I asked J to call the bride to double check! Soooooo, my poor MIL is now skipping the reception to babysit. I am filled with guilt. I should just stay at the hotel with him and skip it. But a bought a new dress...and I kinda get the impression that she's not too upset about bowing out of the festivities. After all, if Sam isn't welcome, how much fun could it really be right!?

Then J's sis and our nephew are coming to visit! I just pray we have nice weather. It seems whenever we have people come from out of town, it rains. Hopefully not, otherwise we will have some bored kiddos on our hands, and that won't be fun for anyone.

THEN, we start our renovation. Our complete destruction and resurrection. It's going to be a mess. I still haven't really figured out how it's going to work. Worst case scenario, if it turns out to be completely unlivable, then we head south to J's folks condo for a week here and there. But that's 3 hours away. Luckily Sam and I are headed for Florida at the very onset of it, so we'll miss the initial ripping apart phase. But Lord knows what we'll come home to.

So that's my next month in a nutshell...busy, busy! I'm worn out just thinking about it.

(that pic is from a couple weeks ago when Sam had a stomach bug, and then after puking on me approximately a zillion times, I got it. We were pretty miserable...cozy, but miserable. Oh, and do you see his black eye? Dancing to the Pietasters, Sam took a header into the coffee table. Too bad he won't be showing off those moves at the wedding this weekend).

Oh, and we find out if it's baby boy or baby girl this week!! I'll be sure to let you know.


amy. said...

I can assure you that my mom would WAY rather hang with Sam than eat overdone chicken and small talk with the Joneses. She's not much of a party person and she loves that kid like gangbusters.

I can't wait to see you guys! If the weather is bad, Henry will love the excuse stay inside and un-sort all of Uncle J's LEGOs...

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

For the record, just plan on Sam being my ring bearer.

Hector said...

hooray! I finally learned some news from Jay before reading it here! hope to see you guys soon!