Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's a Girl....Oh, Boy!

Congratulations to my sister and her husband in welcoming little Kaylee!

Not sure if I'm spelling that right. The only written correspondence I've gotten was before she had a name. But what a cutie. And look at all that hair! Reminds me of a certain little boy I know. Of course, by the time he was 4 months old most of it had fallen out. I hope that doesn't happen to Kaylee. Or at least that it ALL falls out, instead of just the the top so she doesn't end up with a hairline like her Grandpa.

So I'm an Aunt again! Yay! And my first Niece! Oh, all the cute little things to buy and knit for little girls. And I won't have much opportunity otherwise. Because...

Kaylee's little cousin to be? It's a boy! Sam is going to have a little brother!!

I know this is alot of news for one blog post. Maybe I should have broken it up into two?

So I'm going to be completely outnumbered. The only girl. Sure, this creates the whole "Third Child" discussion, but we'll just wait on that. Right now we're just excited to have another little guy to chase around. I'm so excited about the idea of brothers. I can only imagine the trouble they'll get into. Good trouble. I'm talking the silly boy kinda trouble...not the jail kinda trouble.

So much excitement! And in a couple weeks I head to Florida so Sam and I can check this little girl out in person. Oh, I hope she still has that new baby smell. I don't remember how long that lasts. I hope Sam takes at least a little interest in her. There has been a baby explosion in our neighborhood and when presented with a brand new babe, he really couldn't care less. But maybe he'll be different because he's related? hm. We'll see.

I just realized I started every paragraph with the word "so"...

SOOOoooo, heres' a pic from the other day when Sam fell asleep eating his lunch. He's never done that before so of course I took a million pictures. I wonder if the new little guy will be photographed quite as much as his older brother. I would imagine not, but I'll sure try!

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