Friday, June 27, 2008

New home...

So the craziness has begun. We are officially out of our house and in a little one bedroom apartment on the other side of town. It's not too bad actually. The location is right near the great food coop that I sadly rarley go to because it's such a pain to park and exit the lot. It's also a stones throw from downtown and it's restaurants and stores...and the college. That's the only sticking point. It's a popular area for students. And we have four of them, boys, living directly above us. They're nice enough guys, but you know, that age, not the most considerate. Nothing major, just alot of loud music and stomping around at 2am. Sam seems no worse for the wear and sleeps right through it. Jay and I are working on it.

The kitchen and bathroom are kinda gross...alot of caulk holding stuff together. The place could use a good steam cleaning. Everyday while Sam naps I try to knock out a corner with my scrub brush. It always looks better when I'm done, but still dirty. The stains on the countertop are not going anywhere and it's driving me nuts. Probably not the best situation while my nesting instinct is gearing up for the new baby, huh.

Well, it's only 2 months. Then were back home. Hopefully construction will be far enough along that it won't be too bad to live there. Who knows, maybe I'll long for our dingy one bedroom rental once I'm thrust into the mess of home renovation.

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