Tuesday, July 08, 2008


We decided to rent this little apartment mostly so Sam and I could have a quiet place to be during the day. Somewhere in which to nap without the ruckus of hammers and table saws. After seeing the shape our house is in, it seems that we made the right decision.

This was our house a couple weeks ago....

Then, this..

Hardly hospitable.

Then yesterday, our landlord informed me that I would have to move my car out of our the drive so that the "tree guys" can come and cut down some trees on Wednesday. Well, they showed up TODAY. So it's going to be two days of chainsaws and woodchippers to contend with. Not as bad as two months, but still irritatingly ironic considering our motivational in being here in the first place.

Another reason I'm glad we're not at the house is that after Jay took a picture yesterday, I'm a little concerned about what the neighbors think. We're following all the codes and zoning stuff, but it's strikingly HUGE looking.

I know it will look better once the the front gable and porch is on, but in the meantime I'm glad I'm not there to feel all the vibes that are probably going around. Our neighborhood can kinda be that way. I'm sure our project is a topic at many an evening dinner table.

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