Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A little cute to distract from the smell...

Doesn't it look much better with the gable...well, hint of the gable?

Today the weatherman calls for some pretty nasty storms as a cold front moves through. Hopefully the guys took some time this morning to close things up a little better. We had a tiny bit of water damage from a shower last week, but it is where the new stairs are going, so that is all coming out anyway. Right now I'm sitting in a freakin hot box of an apartment. I had to turn off the window fan because of the exhaust from the crane that is parked in our driveway. It's been wood chipper and chainsaw all morning. Sam thinks it's pretty least someone does.

And if it wasn't already uncomfortable, Tubbs is sick. And anyone who has a dog knows what that means. Both ends. And we have no yard. I don't want to get into it, but paper towels are becoming alarmingly scarce around here. And the Febreeze didn't make here in the move.

Now for some happy! I wanted to get some pics up from Amy and Henry's visit. This was the first time the cousins ever really played together. Sam thought Henry was pretty cool, and Henry was awesome with the little man. He was super patient, especially when Sams presence caused the LEGO to be sidelined.

Though the LEGO is still too small for Sam to enjoy, they were able to bond over a mutual appreciation of Super Why!

And Sam was so pleased to have someone join in the craziness with him. It makes me excited for him to have a little bro to go nuts with. I can only hope Sam is as good with the new little guy and Henry was with him.

Now back to the sweating....come on cold front!

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