Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Construction Update

Here are some pics from this past weekend. As you can see, some windows are now in and the porch is starting to take shape.

Here are some pictures of the interior. You kinda need to know the space to appreciate the difference. Basically the stairs are located where there used to be a bedroom.

This is a picture from the top of the stairs looking towards the street. The two kids bedrooms are to the left and straight ahead.

This is master bedroom, which won't be finished for a while. But looks nice, no?

That's all I got. Roofing starts this week, and I think drywall starts next. Then we should really start seeing a change. We are SO READY to move out of this apartment and back into our home. I should use this opportunity to do some bitchin' and complaining, but I'm trying to keep a positive mindset. But we need our space back. Soon, I pray.

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