Monday, August 11, 2008


Excuse me while I bat away cobwebs from this blog.

Well, between living in this apartment (blech!) stressing about HVAC contractors and feeling like a whale, blogging has fallen pretty low on my priority list. But things are good. In between things being kinda blah and rainy, that is. Sam and I are having a nice summer together walking around downtown (in between storms..what is up with this weather?!!) But toddlerhood is really starting to kick my ass a bit. Allow me to vent...

Sam has become a very defiant little boy. I am telling myself this is a phase, it's the age, "it's good that he's so independent" ect, ect. But seriously the kid has found my buttons and boy does he like to push em! His new adorable behavior is spitting. He takes a swig of water, walks over under the table, or to the chair...leans over and spits it into a big puddle. He proceeds to smear it everywhere. How precious. Argh. And once I take the drink away, he does the same thing with his actual spit. Gross.

And whenever I try to be stern mommy, he laughs at me. HE LAUGHS AT ME. Which, of course, doesn't make me happy.

And don't even get me started on how he is treating Tubbs. Poor Tubbs.

But in the big scheme of things, he's a pretty great kid. I know every child has his issues...and what seem like flaws or problems can reveal themselves to be assets. And me being gigantic doesn't help. I can't react as quick to misbehavior as I used to, except verbally. And I don't like to yell...oh,I'm not perfect, I yell...but I don't like it. And it doesn't work anyway. Sam ignores most verbal directions...well at least when it's in the order of "Sam, stop doing that." Suddenly, he's deaf.

And the kid bolts. LIke runs. Away. In public. Near traffic. WITH GLEE AND GIGGLES.

So there, end of rant.

One day I will write a blog post counting all the blessings of my adorable, precious little boy. But on those days, I just bask in the perfection and cuteness. I need to express more gratitude for my life. I'll work on that. Because I am grateful. But sometimes you need to purge the ick to appreciate the magic.

Update: After posting this, I was poking around the internet and one of the bloggers I regularly read had posted this. Thanks internet.

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