Friday, August 15, 2008

I hate you cnn

I just spent the last hour fighting back tears, rocking back and forth while repeating the mantra "don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about it"...which of course, just makes me think about it.

Thank you (yeah, that's right, NO LINK FOR YOU! fear mongers.)

There was a time before Sam was born and then directly after he was born that I shunned Wouldn't go there. If you are a regular you know that there is always at least one "mutilated puppy" or "2 year old killed by escalator" story. No, it's not news of national importance. It's sensational, tug at the heart strings, make you feel crappy kind of news. Its emotional sabotage. On a normal day these images and stories would be upsetting, but add the onslaught of hormones I am currently enjoying, you get a panic attack. But I learned this, so if I do go to, I don't click on anything like that. Sure, the headlines are scary, but at least without the details the crippling empathy and horror can be kept at bay.

I won't tell you what the story was about...but the headline did not give enough information for me to know what was waiting for me on the other side of that click. In fact, I completely misinterpreted the headline. I thought I was going to read about a kid playing in a puddle or swimming with ducks or invented some new water toy... Needless to say that was not the case, and in hindsight I should have realized, but I am still trying to recover from the imagery and tragedy that unfolded.

It makes me mad. I'm not talking about censorship, but jesus! give a pregnant mother of a 20 month old a chance to protect what little emotional fortitude she has left. At least use a word like "death" or "tragedy" or for heaven's sake "sad" or something!

Ok, I feel a little better.

So, we'll be without internet for a while during our move back to the construction zone. I'm looking forward to being home, but I'm not exactly sure what it's going to be like with all the activity that is still going on. Just so you know where I am. Not that I'm writing up a storm over here, but it will probably be quiet here for a bit.