Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Please RSVP

So if you can't tell, pregnancy hormones are really beginning to get the better of me. The other day I watched an episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 and they went to the Outer Banks...it made me cry. Because I want to go to the Outer Banks. And they were in Coralla! I sat there, again with tears in my eyes, and told Sam "that's were Mommy and Daddy got married" sniff, sob, sniff. "One day, we'll take you and your little brother there." sniff sniff.

I actually looked up the house were we got married to see if it was still renting...and also if it had the same name. When those houses get sold, people usually change the name from "Sandy Paws" to "Life's a Beach"...to personalize the cheesiness. Our house was called "A Joy Forever"...appropriate for a wedding, no? Well, it's still there. AND if you can get it for the week of October 18th for $2500!!! The house sleeps 27 people..not a bad deal. Sure, I'll be in labor that week (hopefully) but I couldn't help but think of pushing that reserve button and send out a mass email titled "Meet me in OBX!"....but life is much more complicated than that now, isn't it.

I still pledge to go on our 10th anniversary. So meet me in the Outer Banks...2011!

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Mrs. T said...

Please accept this as my formal RSVP for Outer Banks 2011. By then, Ava will be 4 and her (currently non-existent) sibling will be 2ish. Remember all the dogs we would used to take? Now, it's gonna be kids! Damn, that's a lot of pack n plays.

Wait, we are all invited, right?