Friday, October 07, 2005

And I have guests from out of town coming.

My town literally smells like shit. Apparently, every fall they spread manure on the fields to fertilize…at least that’s what I have been told. Well, lately it has been foggy and the fumes have not been able to escape. Yuck! And it doesn’t smell like normal cow/farm smell…I don’t know what those cows have been eating, but Oh My Lord! I have been checking the paper to see if there is any reporting on this smell, but there is not. Just want to confirm it is as benign as a once-a-year fertilizing. I’ve been having scary images of some crazy chemical plant to the west and the jet stream is bringing its noxious fumes to gives us all cancer. Surely, no…no? I had to chuckle when I realized I was thinking “God, I hope it’s cow shit.”

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