Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Piece of PAX

So much for my resolution to post every few days. I really should learn not to declare intentions as I have a horrible record with the follow through (e.g. I will quit smoking).

The house renovations are complete!…for the most part. There is still some painting to do. There is ALWAYS painting to do. We still have touch ups left from the downstairs revamp we did 3 years ago! I hate painting. It’s right up there with doing dishes. However, I do have a dishwasher…his name is J.

J is planning to go to Ikea tomorrow to return the broken bits of closet we purchased last week. Unfortunately Ikea is and hour and a half away…so not so convenient. I tried to call them first to let them know their PAX wardrobe is a piece of crap, and send me another right now, thank you…but they don’t answer the phone. Not sure if their all eating Swedish chocolate…um wait, that’s Switzerland….I think I’m confusing my blonde people. Perhaps they are all taking a class on how to use an Alan wrench and put little pieces of wood in holes and the proper way to curse when there is no hole, even though their wordless instruction picture plan clearly shows there is a hole.…anyway, no one ever answers the phone. So, in order to have a closet, and get all my crap off the floor, J is biting the bullet and driving back there to exchange it. Nice guy.

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