Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday: Stupid questions that have both annoyed me, and made me realize I might have PMS

One I Serve: Did Plumber order the shower?

Do I look like the plumber? Though you seem to think differently, I do not have insight into the doings of people who do not work here. I can call him…do you want me to call him?

One I Serve: Do we KNOW if the plumber ordered the shower?

Yes, better. This is a question I can answer. No, I do not know if the plumber has ordered the shower. I assume, since you are asking, that you don’t know either. So, WE definitely do not know.

Phone Rings

Nacho: Good Morning, General Contracting Company.

Guy on Phone: Is The Girl Who Also Works There close? she close? Do you mean is she standing next to me while I talk to you on the phone? She is never close. Her desk is on the other side of the office. Is her proximity to me in direct relation to your need to speak to her? Why are you asking this question? Is it so that if I produce her to you, you can be comforted in knowing she was close, not far….Do you have some sort of phone guilt problem? We have intercoms, it’s ok.

Lady I Work With: Good Morning Nacho.

Nacho: Good Morning to you.

Lady I Work With: Why are we so chipper today?!

This particular person has the habit of asking me questions that I do not know how to answer. First, I can only assume by "WE" you mean "ME"... since it appears WE is my new name. And I was not aware that I was chipper. I am not un-chipper. Do I have to have a reason for not being a miserable bitch?

15 seconds later

Lady I Work With: Well, aren’t we purple today?

No, we are not purple. You are wearing white. I suppose I am purple, because me shirt is purple. I really don’t feel comfortable talking about my purpleness.


That Girl said...

Well, aren't WE being a little sensitive?! Ok, I can use the collective WE cus I think I mighht be PMSing too. I emailed husband to let him know I was going running after work and then was up for chillin. His reply: "A few of the guys are going to Hooters after work for some free wings and beer. Mind if I go for an hour or so?" Ok, so what is the big deal here? It's Hooters. No biggie, right? (Well, there are bound to be some biggies.) Even less-threatening is the fact that it is Hooters in Manassas. And this is my husband we are talking about - quite honestly the kindest and most caring man I know. So why did I feel the need to buy a pack of smokes just now when I stopped for gas? Why does this stress me? After all, I am going running AND I have smokes at home. I purposely leave my smokes at home on running days to avoid the temptation of smoking on my way home.

Jesus that is pathetic. I really do have more important things to worry about than Hooters . . . like, the fact we are driving to husband's parents house for Thanksgiving AND the weekend before Christmas AND they want to visit us one weekend in between.

Got a light?

Monstro said...

NO, the other girl that works there Glenn Close? People haven't really been seeing much of her lately?

My favorite question from a boss person was when I was younger and working in a video store. I had to straighten the children's section, and my boss asked how it was.

Me: It smelled like ass.
Boss: What do you mean?