Monday, November 14, 2005

Rosencrantz, bring it on! Or is it Guildenstern?

Nacho: Good Morning Dirt Digger, can you fax me the Important Form we sent you last week?

Dirt Digger: What form?

Nacho: You didn’t get it?

Dirt Digger: Well, I’m digging dirt, can you send someone out with a copy?

Nacho: You didn’t’ get my message?

Dirt Digger: How many times do I have to tell you guys that I don’t check my messages?

Nacho : (oh, right , what was I thinking?) Where are you digging?

Dirt Digger: Do you know that new development off 100?

Nach: Before or after the bridge?

Dirt Digger: Is someone leaving now?

Nacho: Are you not there yet?

Dirt Digger: Can someone meet me there in 10 minutes?

Nacho: You’re at the office now?

Dirt Digger: If I leave the office in 5 minutes, can someone meet me in 15?

Nacho: Um, can you look on your fax machine?

Dirt Digger: Oh, do you mean this paper that says Important Form?


That Girl said...

I hear ya. This morning one of the project managers asked me to do him a favor. I was thinking along the lines of matching a color sample, placing a material order, or at worst, map questing directions for a new job. Instead, I was asked to locate a grocery store in the area that would personalize a birthday cake for a family member by this afternoon. WTF? Luckily my degrees will aid me in this strategical (not a word?) and logistical process. Crap, chocolate or vanilla cake? Icing? I am not qualified. Where is my TPS report?

KL said...


Didn't you get the memo?

KL said...

oh, and the only reason they ask you is because you have a vagina. If you were a dude, in the same job, they wouldn't ask you to do that. They would ask some other girl who works there. They don't realize they do that, but they do.

And yes, I am bitter.

Monstro said...

Hello Nacho--

Like your site. An addendum to the conversation you are putting forward. You are right that if you were a man, they would not ask you to find the nearest grocery store where you could get a cake decorated...But if you are a man, you can always volunteer. Then they will wonder if you are gay. And while they're taxing their brain trying to figure out your sexuality based on your capacity to volunteer for assignments generally assigned to women, they will probably NOT wonder whether, as a man, you will screw the assignment up--which being a man, no one will blame you for.

This is especially important to know, if you are a man, AND you don't like the person who is going to get the cake.

"Dude seriously, you said Tom Cruise giving a thumb's up. Don't you remember? It was that day that you were doing that thing with that guy with the hair."

nacho said...

Hi Monstro-
Thanks for the visit!

And of course this sort of thing is a double edged sword. Whereas the female employee is deemed Most Able to Fax Your Crap For You and Most Likely To Brew a Drinkable Pot of Coffee, it is the man who is assumed inept at all things "domestic." Though this may not cause any trouble in the workplace, at home (and in the courts) men can be stereotyped. Often men are labled as second-class caregivers by virtue of their sex and nothing more.

So we're all screwed in one way or another...equal opportunity!!