Friday, December 23, 2005

Saving my calories for eggnog.

I am trying my best to stay away from the pyramid of yummy baked-goods in the company kitchen. I swear there is a conspiracy to make me fat. I have a nice healthy stash of apples in the fridge, but how can you grab one of those when there's a shmorgesborg of chocolate and transfats just sitting there on the table. Usually it's nice when people bring in homemade goodies, but this time of year it’s really just too much. There are only 5 of us in the office today, and probably at least 50 cookie/bar/pastry type things. How do these people have time to bake...I’m talking mini bannana bread loaves. Honestly, especially with all the shopping and stressing to be done? And of course there is the incredibly long winded blog posts to be written about traitorous professional athletes and problems with boys. I’m keeping this one short, just wanted to touch base before jumping into the festivities...see you on the other side.

So Happy Christmas, Holidays, Winter Solstice College Bowl Season!*

*ok, I’m not that witty...but he is


dan said...

Can I use this post to test my commenting? I just reactivated my blogger account and I want to see how my comments look now. Sorry for the SPAM. :-|

Bret said...

My office was the same way! Every day this past week, there was a different tub of goodies either waiting on the centralized "goodie table" or on my desk as a gift. I brought a lot of them home with me for my family to share, but holy cow... it's going to be hard to resist all the temptation!

...and a happy College Bowl Season to you, too.

nacho said...

Don't worry're not Spam! You seem to be up and running just fine.