Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stroke Me

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for Portland. Doubt I will post from there, but you never know!

Courtesy of Paper Napkin, I am planting the seed for National De-Lurking week, January 9-13. At this time last year, I was a blog lurker, not a blog writer, and I enjoyed coming out from the shadows without the pressure of being pithy, just simply saying 'yep, I’m here.' Since this blog is an exercise in self- importance, please participate if you ever come here to read what I have to say. It will make me happy. And, as added incentive, I will give $1 toNoah’s Wish for every comment(er) I receive.

Perhaps I should narrow that down to a day, because that could add up. Not because there are legions of you out there (though I do fantasize that there are dinner conversations that start "And did you read what Nacho said today…oh, that girl is the bees knees!" Ok, not the bees knees part, but you get my meaning). It's just that I have not so much money after Christmas. Maybe I'll just put a cap on it. Wow, am I really trying to figure out how to be stingy with my charitable giving? Hey, we can't all be Oprah.

I’ll put up a reminder when the time gets closer and some additional information regarding my acceptable generosity to poorness ratio.

Happy New Year, my loyal legions of lurkers.


Hokie Explorer said...

The Stroke is a good song :p

Anonymous said...

Gogo Noah's Wish!

Anonymous said...

Good idea

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. This sucks.

KL said...

Hey there only counts for commenters, not comments. I think ahead! Though the doggys need all the $ they can get, I can't afford to go to the poor house.

Lurk on!

FINY said...

Does it count even if you're NOT a lurker? :)

Oh, and check out the site, I've dedicated my Johnny Damon post to you :)

KLontheDL said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KL said...

That comment I deleted was accidently under my OTHER blog family blog. It's boring, you don't want to go there. Usually I just cannibalize my Nacho posting because I'm lazy. Anyway, onto the comment!

hey there finy -

yes, it does count, but not until I say so...which is sometime in a week and a bit.

And thanks for the shout out, I'm sure you saw me on your site meter since I only reach you from my blogroll. Of course it could also be the HUGE poplulation of Nacho readers that are also interested in what I am interested in...because I'm that cool.

I think I checked 15 times a day to hear your opinion.

I am also (finally) falling into the 'eh' camp.

Bret said...

Good luck on the comment-getting and all that. As a newcomer, it's been fun reading.