Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back from the great Pacific Northwest

So much to talk about, but my lack of sleep and jet lag precludes the spinning of witty tales of waterfalls and unicorns. Doesn't it sound magical? And I'm not kidding, there were both waterfalls and unicorns. I will be able to share events in an entertaining manner once my brain reboots with a good night sleep.

In the meantime, I want to share with everyone one thought on Portland. Although I really did like it there (on many levels), I could not live there. My hair is not cool enough. And with continuous rain and mist my long waged war against the natural fuzz state of my hair would surely fail. Needless to say, the whole bangs situation would have to be rethought. And without bangs, I would definitely dip a few notches on the hip meter, which in Portland goes pretty high.

I heard a wise man say some dudes were getting "all Brit-Pop on my ass." Which puts it perfectly. Not only do I lack the style or hair type to sufficiently feel at ease, the fact all the boys are way skinnier than me and have cooler jeans is just depressing.

Perhaps if they were getting all "70’s funk" on my ass, I’d do better.

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