Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Hunt

To understand what Portland Madness was, check out my original post of Wacky out West...I'm not going to link to it because I'm lazy, ok.

So this shindig Matt put together with some friends was awesome. 25 or so people running around the city creating curious looks and mayhem at every turn. It started by teams registering and paying their $20 to participate. The $20 went to the after-party and grand prize...which I think was $200. Each team was armed with a list of tasks to complete and photograph, a team mascot, and for some of the more adventurous, team uniforms. We were pirates...Aaarrrgh!

And the winners for the funniest costume was............

The unicorns! (I told you there were unicorns) The number on the dry erase board conincides with the task number on your hit list. This one is #12, one pic of three showing the team using each mode of public transportation available in Portland.

Since our host Matt was the orginizer, our team didn’t participate in the competition portion, but always willing to make fools of ourselves in strange cities, prize shmize.

I could go on and on about the night, but like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Shiver me timbers! Our team doing #4 - team human pyramid at a bus stop.

Ei Matey..we needs some provisions to keep off the scurvy!
#20 Team at the Co-op grocers "thoroughly examining the produce"

Every pirate really wants to be a rock star.
#25 -Team rockin' out to the Areosmith sign at the Civic Center.

Rain Ahoy! Sheild us from the weather or you'll walk the plank!
#2- Team picture with the "umbrella man"

And god, there is so much more, and it's HILARIOUS. The other teams basically kicked our asses and got a ton of stuff done. Tasks included break dancing at union station, kung fu fighting at the ice rink, and shopping at the dildo store (one team even got a picture of boobies! though it wasn't on the list...hmmm.) I however have limited patience with uploading photos so, in a salute to them, here is a Starbucks pic from them all...25 points for each picture in front of a different one. Needless to say, the city's full of them.

Thanks Matt, Jodi and friends. It was a blast. Next year, we'll kick your ass.


amy. said...

I've been waiting for this update! I'm glad you guys had a good time. Did J ever find a name for his poor little phallis sporting sock monster? I am curious. ANd we are totally stealing this scavenger hunt idea...

nacho said...

I don't think he ever did get a name...I'll have to ask him. We referred to him as "the sock monster" all night. He probably needs a bath...

This may seem like a silly question since he's made out of socks, but can you put them in the washing machine? Though the batting might get all clumpy if you do that.

You should totally steal that idea, only as long as we get to come and play! It really was soooo much fun.

amy. said...

Maybe this summer sometime you guys can come down and play.

I think the stuffing may clump up if you put him in the washer. Maybe try handwashing him? Oh, The book says to "wash it carefully by hand in cold water with detergent suitable for hand-washed dainty underthings".

KL said...

ohhhh, I can pretend I own some dainty underthings. Or perhaps I should go buy some dainty underthings and the sock monster can be swirling amongst the unmentionables.