Monday, January 09, 2006

Delurk for the Doggies

Editing Note: I orignally started this post on Monday, so I would have it ready to go Wednesday, but even though I didn't publish it until today, it shows as Monday. Not trying to confuse anyone...if you are reading this on Wednesday, please comment. What a freakin' mess. Yay!

Today's the day!

Delurking Day...come on, give it to me.

Well, the least I could is give you something to comment on, huh? Sooooo...

Marcus Vick - does he get drafted into the NFL? If so, what round/team?

If you don't have an opinion, or otherwise don't give a shit, please share a good book...I'm looking for a new one since I just finished A Sunburned Country

Thanks for participating!

Delurking buttons courtesy of Paper Napkin - Creator of Delurking Day.


amy. said...

Okay, I don't lurk, but I'm commenting for the doggies anyway.

Anyone who drafts Marcus (anywhere in the first buncha rounds anyway) is insane in the membrane. Mr. Man is a loose cannon and has a sense of entitlement that can only get bigger if he's actually in the NFL.

And I am reading The Story of Chicago May, which rocks. It is a biography of an Irish girl who comes to the States at the turn of the century to become one of the most notorious hookers of the time. As an old and sick woman rotting in a prison jail, a kind inspector convinces her to write her life story, which is the basis for the biography. Interesting stuff.

KL said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for being first. I don't know if I'm going to count myself or not, we'll see if the number goes up or not.

I completely agree with your assessment of Marcus. He is clearly out of control, and has no respect for his owntalent. 'Entitlement' totally is accurate when referring to his attitude. That's what happens when people have inflated pride without earning the right to it. I actually hope he doesn't get drafted so he can regroup and rethink himself...if that's possible at this point

Sounds like a intersting book, I'll put it on my list.

Mrs. T said...

Hi Nacho! Vick is a f*cktard and a liability. :-) I could see him at Phili, maybe?

Sorry - no time for books, I am reading online that another f*cktard - Angelina Jolie - is knocked-up.

H0kie Erin said...

Been visiting since you commented at my site. Enjoying what I have read so far... :)

As far as Marcus...? Yep, he'll get drafted. Maurice Clarett (sp?) did even after all his legal problems. Of course, I'm hoping he ends up like Maurice Clarett, waived. I'd like to have more faith in the NFL, but uh, no.

nacho said...

Hi Erin!Yay! So nice of you to delurk.

Can I add you to my Hokie Blog roll? It's very prestigious.

Matt said...

IS it just me, or is Marcus Vick getting a bad rap? I mean, come ON, the guy is one helluva football player. I get pissed at McD's too, especially when they're out of McFish Sammiches.

So look, let's give the guy a break. If you're a pro fan, look at it this way...with T.O. and Marcus, we have the chance to bring some drama back to the NFL. I'm talkin 21st century Raiders, y'all!

(Seriously, what's next? There has to be a music video in this mess someplace)

KL said...


Hi matt!

jaylam19 said...


nacho said...

That's my boy J!

Bret said...

Hey, I'm here, even though I'm not a lurker.

d. earl griffin said...

I'm late so maybe this doesn't count, but wanted to say 'hi' anyway.