Monday, January 16, 2006

Exploring the relation between silicone and the library music catalogue

In the 5 years I have lived in Western Massachusetts I have never gone to my local library. This is sad, not only because it's a phenomenal library (or so I've heard), but it's walking distance from my house. Recently, a friend who lives in Las Vegas informed me her library cataloges a vast array of music, including recent popular music. All you have to do is check it out (um, for free) and then burn to CD at home. This alone warrants my visit because I am stingy and not above breaking copyright laws.

So this week, I think perhaps Tuesday, I will be heading to get my library card. I am hoping to leave the building containing countless volumes of literature and thought, with such 21st Century icons as Prince and The Beastie Boys. There are so many albums I haven't bought that belong in my iTunes!

It will suck if this bit of info is a myth, or not true outside of the greater Las Vegas area. Perhaps the Vegas library's music selection rivals Sam Goody so strippers can practice pole dancing to the newest hits, without shelling out a lot of cash. Sadly, my little New England town lacks a substantial pole dancing population.


Hokie Explorer said...

LoL. I like your description of me in the links over there.

nacho said...

I almost put a 'ew, gross' after the Pritchard (sp?, is there a T?) because Pritchard is so gross. Or at least it was.

Aren't you in the carribbean? have fun!

Hokie Explorer said...

No. I'm back now, you need to go over and look at some of my pictures :-p

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

FYI, you will also expand your music library with things you never thought you would. For example, I now am the proud owner of the soundtrack to Bye Bye Birdie and more Cowboy Junkies than I thought was possible. Have fun, and remember! it's free! go nuts!!!!

Also, your theory on the strippers choosing their , ahem, discography from the library? Totally feasible, if they can make it through the application for a library card. It's a WHOLE PAGE. GAWD!!!!

KL said...

woo hoo! P diddy! The source.

How do you have room on that computer for all your stuff? We are having to get an external hard drive just to store all the itunes.
Oh, the plight of the ipod owner.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I think i need to do the same, but i don't get it. I think I need the geek squad.

Matt said...

I hope metallica doesn't read your blog