Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of My Brain

I think I’m going crazy.

Thinking about the speech last night, I realize there's a lot of fuzziness and uncertainty about some of the stuff George said. I am not great with verbally transmitted information. I need pictures and charts, and if those are not available, I'll take the written word. So this morning I google the sucker up. First I click on CNNs transcript. I scan the speech trying to hone in on the particular section I am curious about. But I can't find it. Hmmph. So I do a little search for the word 'education', but it only shows up once in the whole transcript, and it's not the part I'm looking for. Wha?

So I go to the Washington Post's ‘complete transcript’. And I read and search and I can’t find it! Thinking perhaps there is something wrong with my browser and the search command, I copy and paste the whole thing into Word and then Control+F the thing to find what I'm looking for. But it's not there.

Ok. Am I nuts, or did Mr. Bush go on a while about education and science and math...and I even remember him coming up with some nifty new name for some initiative, but none of it's there in the transcript. Or am I a moron and I'm completely missing something? Does transcript not mean what I think it means? I mean, at The Post it says ‘complete transcript.’ They even have the applause in there.

Did I have some sort of acid flashback and imagine him saying things he didn't actually say? Or maybe I had one of those weird dreams that your brain accidentally files in the reality section, so I'm walking around with a version of the State of the Union no more real than an episode of Dawsons Creek.

Also, I distinctly recall him saying something about 'girls' learning something. As a girl, I should know what the hell he said. But it's not there.

Is this the first sign of early onset Alzheimers? Do I not understand how to search for a word in a document? Will I have to actually read the WHOLE thing to be sure? God, let’s hope not.

Noone I work with watched it, so I need you guys to tell me I'm not crazy, or perhaps confirm that I am. Math and Science, he talked about that, yes?

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