Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm not here!

Well, I'm here. But 'here' isn't the usual place. Just a quick hello from Burlington, VT! I am sitting in the lobby of our Marriot, next to a roaring fire, trying to figure out where to eat. I pick up J from his job interview (gasp!) in a couple hours. More on that if it becomes anything worth writing about.

But I must say, I really like it here. As we drove in towards the city, and topped a hill, the expansive lake laid before us, blue and inviting. The Adirondacks across in New York offer a gorgeous backdrop to Lake Champlain. Burlington itself has the bustle of a city, with a laid back pace of a small town Main Street. But it is cold. And a little on the pricey side. We'll be living in a matchbox if we move here.

But we'll see...

Yay, I'm not at work! But I'll be back tomorrow.

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amy. said...

So when is he supposed to hear? Hm? Hm? My dad spilled about the interview, but then my mom yelled in the background that she was sure J would want to tell me himself. So I was supposed to pretend I didn't know. But now I'm allowed to know, so yay! I am torn about you guys moving further north, but I hope he gets it anyway! *crosses fingers*