Friday, March 03, 2006

Quote of the Week #5 (petty)

The good thing about the word petty (courtesy of Samson, last week's winner) is that when most people use it in a blog entry, they're bitchin'. And bitchin' makes for some entertaining blogging. Well, sometimes. That is if you ever get around to the bitching part:

Life has been so full of petty annoyances lately that I do not even know where to begin, so I just won't. I know that doesn't make for good blog reading.

No it doesn't.

I waded through some talk of Tom Petty and that racecar guy Petty, but most of it was politics. People calling their governors, town council, sheriff and, of course, George and the Gang, petty. There are soooo many griping-about-politics blogs out there. I guess people need an outlet for their disillusionment, but LORD it is boring.

But people bitch about other stuff too. Like what? Well...

The ladies:
Not that I'm saying that women are inherently mean.... Oh, who am I kidding. Women ARE mean. And petty and spiteful and hormonal and territorial and a whole list of other things

Hmm. School & assignments & quizzes & presentations seem so petty.. So insignificant in the grander scheme of things. Anyone agree with me?

Co-worker hygiene:
I'm going to be at another hospital, a small one where the people should be nicer. I feel petty saying that, but it's the truth and it's how I feel. When people hate their jobs and don't wash their hands and don't care about who they might injure or affect, it really makes me mad.

People who take the Knitting Olympics too seriously:
Can you freakin' believe it? How petty is that? Jane KNIT A LACE STOLE IN 16 DAYS and then some asshat has to go make her feel bad about her accomplishment because it wasn't finished and blocked by the closing ceremonies.

And on and on…

But on top of the heap, I give you


Yeah, the $10 gift card looked pretty lame and petty by comparison. So...blah. People suck. I'm broke, and I don't like babies.

Honorable Mention

There is a crisis in the world of mixology, one that threatens the industry entire. Fixing it will require the whiny hectoring of an incredibly petty man. I am that man.

I tried to contact the winner, but she's a livejournal user, and only allows other livejournal people to comment or contact her. I am not a livejournal user, so...if anyone has a solution to this dilemma, please comment below. I could give the honor to the honorable mention, but I'm afraid he'll think it’s some sort of lame default award. Which, of course, it is.

Update: Since silverwind didn't respond with a word, and MySpace is also some sort of cool kids only club, I have extended an invitation to the Week #2 winner at to provide a word. She won before I started doing the word thing...let's hope she appears.


amy. said...

I am an LJ user, so I can contact her for you if you want. Lemme know, daddio.

KL said...

I will email you!!

Miss Cellania said...

The solution is to become a Live Journal user. It takes about 30 seconds. And there are benefits, like leaving your link wherever you go.

nacho said...

Thanks for the advice. :-) Nice Amy contacted her, so hopefully she'll participate.

Chickie said...

How about sublime?

KL said...

Sounds good Chickie...thanks for saving the day!

Samsom Isberg said...

Congratulations on the word "petty" - I thought that was going to be difficult.

But you have actually managed to teach me a new you know, I am not a native English speaker, and so, when I read the word "asshat" in the comments to this posting, I was somewhat taken aback - not really easy to imagine the fact behind the idiom that a word used regularily in the US?

nacho said...

Hi Samson - Yes, petty worked very well, thanks again.

No, 'asshat' is not a word I hear very often. I wouldn't consider it an American/English might get some weird looks if you use it. Perhaps it's a regional thing, she's from Pittsburgh. Though I know someone from Pittsburgh, and I've never heard her use that word.

Maybe it's just a nice way to say asshole...or part of the knitting lexicon. Though I know some knitters and 'asshat' has never excaped their lips.