Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Smacked! Ouch. Twice? Ouch.

Before I get into my trip up north, I want to let you know...I've been smacked. When I was typing the last entry from the hotel lobby, I checked out my site meter and yikes! where the hell are all these people coming from? No, I haven't suddenly become popular or interesting, the lovely Princess Pottymouth at I talk Too Much reviewed my blog.

I submitted it, and I've been wincing ever since. These gals are snarky and tell it like it is, so when you ask for their opinion, you gotta be willing to take it. Out of 5 smacks, I got a lonely 2. From reading previous reviews, I take this to mean something between "a waste of time" and "doesn't completely suck." Still happy there was no talk of wanting to stab their eyeballs, nor any name calling, so all in all, I'll call it a success. At least in the way that I got them to come see me after love LOVING their website for so long (ok, I realize that sounds a little like ass kissing, but it's true). Because, as it says over there, making fun of other people is funny...even if it's me.

Luckily she didn't really rip into me, just didn't seem impressed. And my posts haven't been all that entertaining as of late. I went and read all that is currently scrollable, and it's kinda lame. Princess didn't go into my archives, not that there are some kind of pulitzer prize winning entries there either, but I'd like to think there is at least some 3 smack stuff in there? Hey, how can you not appreciate the in depth analysis of my dog, and then there is the unseen class wars occuring at Six Flags?

She had a couple suggestions that I will attempt to employ. First is trying to get my profile linked again. For any of you who were here when it was that picture of the plate of nachos, that stupid pic took forever to load. Then, like an idiot, I went into the template (also known as the land of random symblos and numbers) to delete just the pic, but poof! the whole thing went away. Anyway, now you can't get any info on who I am. Not that I'm sharing a whole lot. Perhaps I'll just link to my first post. It says a little.

Another is the Quote of the Week thing. If I decide to keep it going (which is questionable since this weeks winner does not seem to be playing along) I'll put a explaination somewhere so people who fall upon it understand. For those who are new, it's just a Blog Quote. Each week the winner is picked by searching for a specific word in blogs which is designated by the previous weeks winner (i. e. last week was 'petty'). The idea is that eventually we will have a string of blogs all somewhat randomly connected...a ribbon through the blogosphere...or river...isn't it beautiful? Though if this weeks winner doesn't give me her word soon, this river may have to course into the somewhat putrid waters of MySpace and bother the Honorable Mention...ick.

Sorry about this enty, I'm not a huge fan of when people blog about their blog. And of course I never do that. Not ever No. Never.

Stay tuned for stories of my inappropriate intoxication and visit to the Queen City of Vermont.


Matt said...

looks like you got an extra smack for being obedient...

nacho said...

yeah, i like to be pushed around...by anonymous internet bitches.