Sunday, August 20, 2006

Now just waiting for Heff to call...

I just finished dinner. I had mashed potatoes. That's it. Not very healthy I know, but with it, I had a side of prenatal vitamin, so it's ok.

This is what happens when you cook for one. J is in Portland for a little over a week and I am left to my Lean Cusines and cereal...and of course, Instant mashed potatoes,yum! J is in Oregon, first on business, and second because our friend Matt is getting married. Hi Matt! (He sometimes comes here, though he's probably too busy this week to bother, or at least he should be...hey Matt, don't let the lady do all the work! Get off the internet and go pick up some relatives at the airport or something. But then check in later this week because I will be dedicating a post to you and your lovely lady, Jodi.)

I'm not there because I'm HUGE and pregnant. Also, wedding cake may send me spiraling into a coma. I failed my gestational diabetes test. Just the first one. I took another test on Friday, which I will find the results of tomorrow. Oh, I should totally take a picture of my arms, I look like a heroine addict. By the way, what's worse than sitting in a plane of recycled air for and hour and a half after the doctor has informed you that you have a "comprimised immune system?" How 'bout the Laboratory Waiting Room at the Hospital for 3 hours whilst a girl about the age of 19 continually pokes holes in your arms and drains you of fluid. At least on a plane you can bet the vast majority of the people are healthy, but the hospital? Nope, all sickies. I should have saved my Airborne for that. Oh well, so far so good.

This is a little embarassing and seems very self-important and vain. But if this blog isn't the epitome of self-importance, I'm not sure what is... After repeated requests of a picture of my ginormous belly, I finally took one..or 68. I set up the tripod today because I want to take a picture to give to J when he is off in San Diego at the beach with his 23 year old coworkers. Just so he remembers the Tub of Love he's got waiting for him at home.

Here's just the belly

Here's the artsy black and white version

Now here's one with my head in it

again, b&W version

I took a gazillion pictures on timer and these are the only ones that don't show me with at least 3 chins. I photoshoped that belly shot a little in the b&W...perhaps I should redo it. I put a spotlight on the belly, but instead of making it look serene or magical, it just looks shiny. Hm, shiny bellies are sexy, no?


amy. said...

Oh, you look gorgeous! I love love love that picture. And the haircut even looks cute.

Mrs. T said...

Oh Nacho - you look truly gorgeous! I teared up just looking at how beautiful you are! I love the hair too!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I was just about to say the same thing. Your haircut is NOT BAD AT ALL. And your belly is great and shiny bellies are totally Fall '06. You are so in style, it's not even funny.

nacho said...

Ok, fishing expedition for compliments successful! Thanks guys...I you make me feel good. Especially about the hair.

Matt said...

Wish you could be here, K!