Friday, October 27, 2006

Hokies, Herbie and Hormones

Last Thursdsay night was either going to be a chance for redemption, or a nail in the coffin of our season. Most weren't too optimistic. I cringed as I heard Herbie declare Clemson as the best One Loss Team in the NCAA. Kirk's comments from the BC game were fresh in my mind. I still felt the sting of his disapproval and disappointment. But now, well, we've kissed and made up...

As the night went on, I cheered along with the VT faithful as Herbie lavished his praise on the Hokie porgram, particularly Bud Foster. I haven't enjoyed a football game that much in a long time. Congrats Hokies! (Smoooooch Herbie)

All I needed for a perfect weekend was for Miami to beat GT. Bah. I didn't get to watch this game because of another discrepancy between what is shown as BLACKOUT on ESPN map and what is actually blacked out. But watching the bottom line, I had hope... and then the 'Canes blew it. Blew it big time. God I hope we crush them on Saturday.

Due to the ESPN problem, I called Adelphia again hoping to at least get my money back for this week of Gameplan. Well, to my surprise they agreed to refund the whole season! What does this mean? It means they are liars. Either they lied when they previously told me it was IMPOSSIBLE to refund the season, or they just lied to me on Saturday, in order to shut me up. I hope it's the former and the not the latter. That way I get a reasonable cable bill for a month. But I must say I will be slightly shocked if it works out that we actually get our money back.

But not as shocked as I am to find out that cervical cancer is caused by a certain type of common virus. A virus! I didn't know that. Luckily this drug company found a treatment which made it fiscally advantageous to make a super annoying commercial to let everyone know, so they can get rich selling pills! Whew! Lucky us. Excuse me while I go tell someone.

Sorry, but that commercial is pervasive on Mommy TV (aka TV from 10am-4pm) and it drives me nuts. Like it's some sort of PSA...we aren't IDIOTS...

So I am annoyed by commercials again. This usually signals a change in hormone levels. Could this be it!? Am I ready? Hell No I'm not ready! Last week I made a list of crap to do. Probably has 20 things on it. This morning I looked at it and I've done 2. 2! And this morning I had a doctor's appointment and was happy to know I could get something crossed off...pre-register for the hospital...but they were out of the forms. Crap.

And I've been having contractions. Not just the tight Braxton Hicks kind, but the painful, ugh, ow, kind. They like to come at 3 in the morning or so. I have 2 or 3 of them about 15 minutes apart, and then they go away. Fun. Each time I'm convinced this is the beginning of something...which of course it is, it's just that the end is still 3 weeks away...I think.

Baby Boy is still without a name. You may have noticed the name Fredward being tossed around. Don't worry, we are not naming our son Fredward. J's sister Amy came up with that as a combination of my Dad's name FRED and J's dad it's been kind of a place holder. We have a list of 7 names. I think we'll just go to the hospital with it and pick then. And NO I'm not telling you what they are. At least I don't think so. If I do, I may have to come up with ground rules for you can't tell me which ones you DON'T like, just the ones you really like. I don't want any negativity, because I like them all. Hmm...I'll think on it.

Off to go get some nursing pads and try and guess how big my boobs will be once my milk comes in and buy a bra or two.


Katy said...

i still feel for you and your whole adelphia problem. large corporations are so wrong, wrong, wrong. especially the way they configure customer service so as to make it challenging for you to speak to a human. we had such disasters with verizon wireless just thinking of it makes my palms sweat again. i want to send them a bill for the time i spent dealing with their shit. ugh. it's so awful.

nacho said...

Thanks for the sympathy katy! I used to have to deal with Cingular all the time at my previous job and they drove me absolutely nutty. I actually went over my cell phone minutes dealing with Adelphia in September...ended up costing more to argue with them than a refunded week of Gameplan. I still doubt they will actually refund me. hmm, we'll see!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I can't believe you are so close to delivering your little tot. I can't wait. I know you can't either. I'm dying to know the name, btw.

amy. said...

What do you mean you're not really going to name him Fredward??? ;)
I neeeeeed to see the list. NEED. Pretty please?
Good luck with the bras, sister. Blue Canoe makes awesome nursing bras and they are super stretchy and comfy.

Matt said...

Oh, wait!

Herb Streit Lamonde!