Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's hot.

I feel like a big wussy complaining about the heat, because relatively, it's not really that hot. Diddy in Vegas has no sympathy for me, I'm sure. But my year in Vermont has allowed me to become accustomed to a certain chill, and when the heat rolls in, my new hardy disposition begins to melt.

Sleep, which I have already stated is shotty at best, is no fun in the hotness. And The Ding Dong, currently fending off attacks from killer incisors, is not tolerating the sweaty stick with much grace. Our nights have gone something like this:

Sam wakes up in pain and begins to cry.

The effort of crying causes him to sweat.

I pick him up and the compounded body heat causes the flood gates of our pores to open.

Sam's cries escalate.

I hug and bounce and pat causing me to sweat even more.

Which, in turn, causes Sam to sweat even more.

I put Sam back down to provide relief from all the hotness.

Sam goes completely ape shit.

The fever he has only compounded the ugh of it all. I have been gathering up the sticky tacky, slimy little one and carrying him into the bedroom where the AC unit is humming and cooling. I feel so selfish having set it up in there instead of Sam's room. Of course when we set it up, our room was Sam's room so I guess I can ease off the mama guilt a little bit. And honestly, it's only needed a total of perhaps 8 days a year. But having it makes those 8 days way more tolerable.

Another side effect of the heat besides all the sweating, or rather, a side effect of all the sweating, is my lack of slinging. Sam enjoys being in the sling. I enjoy having him in it. It has been my "comfort crying baby" weapon since the beginning, and has proven indespensible during teething. Sling and stoller...rarely is there ever a crying baby in either. But when it's hot? Baby pressed snuggly against the torso? Yuck. And add a fever to the mix? It's like having a hot water bottle strapped to your belly. I think he still enjoys the closeness, but after a few minutes, we're both a big slimy mess. And the fact that he cries while in it is a signal that it's not providing the comfort is usually does. So there is a lack of baby wearing going on. A state of affairs I do not like.

So in the meantime, we're laying low, avoiding the sun and taking periodic trips to the bedroom for relief...

and going sans pants.


rockergirrl said...

you should get a mesh sling. That is what I used in the summer months. It is great because you can also wade in the water and give him a dip while being on you still an in a sling that can dry easily. Some of them even have UV protection.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I know you are going sans pants, too. sllllut. hee hee.