Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The saga continues...

Sam's teeth have begun another onslaught on his gentle and sensitive gums. This time, however, they aren't pulling any punches. Along with an unprecidented amount of discomfort, we are also dealing with a fever. Nothing crazy, but the poor kid is obviously miserable. We have stepped up our defenses, adding ibuprofen to our arsenal of frozen wet baby socks tied in knots and the array of rings and toys. Needless to say, sleep has become even more fleeting. Sam doesn't seem to be able to get through more than an hour or so without waking in pain. What little head way that was made in the sleep department has been thworted. All bets are off when the kids in pain. Pick him up, nurse him to sleep, walk him around the house...whatever it takes. I just wonder what our nighttime routine will be on the other side of this.

Luckily, the worst of it waited until Jay's sister Amy, her husband Kyle and little Henry finished their visit. We had a great weekend. J's folks were here too, through Sunday morning, and it was nice to have everyone around. We lucked out with the weather. Monday morning we headed out for breakfast and then on to ECHO, a small science museum on the waterfront.

Here's Amy and Henry patiently awaiting the feeding of the turtles...

It was more than just giving the creatures some lettuce. Here Henry is raising his hand for a chance to explain why he thinks this particular turtle is called a "Stink Pot!"

I'm glad we finally made it to ECHO. They have a good deal going for a season pass. Something we will definitely take advantage of once Sam is a little older. I'm sure it will prove to be indispensible during long cold winters. Ugh, I hate to even think about it. The amount of time it takes to get out of the house with a little one in sub arctic temperatures is ridiculous. It's enough to make you hunker down and hibernate until Spring. But as Vermonters say, "The key is to get out in it." Luckily, Sam should be sturdy enough to be dragged around on a sled. The stroller isn't really made for chunky, icy sidewalks.

So Sam is enjoying the strolling while he can.

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rockergirrl said...

Echo is a lifesaver in the winter.