Friday, July 13, 2007

Lord help us all

The other day when I was hanging out with one of my Mom friends and her little boy, I marveled at how the little guy sat sturdily and played with toys, quiet as a mouse. This little boy is the same age as Sam. I set Sam up and he sat, sorta. Then he toppled over and began to wiggle and squeak. Then he stuck his butt up in the air, flattened back out and looked up with pride because he moved approximately 3 millimeters. Though I'm proud of his hard work and glad to see he is moving forward developmentally, part of me is like WHOA. Let's slow down a bit. See him? He's sitting. Let's try that first. Mama needs to ease into this mobility thing. Let's sit.

Well, that's not really happening. I sit Sam up on his butt, hoping he'll be content to stay in one place and play with toys. Apparently he does not feel this step in the process is worth exploring, becuase he just flops right over. And no more wiggling...crawling. Like fast. This change has occured in the last 3 or 4 days, and he's getting quicker and bolder by the minute.

Usually he makes a bee line for Tubbs. It's as if Tubbs has a tractor beam on the Ding Dong. On the contrary, Tubbs looks very much like he wishes he could raise the shields. But Sam succesfully enters Tubbs' air space and firmly grabs his toes. Then Tubbs will move. And Sam follows. Poor Tubbs.

Anyway, I've taken the last few days to deal with this new development. I realize my life is now changed. There is no going back to blobby baby on the floor. It's ok. It will be a snap. I can handle a crawling baby...

They make cages, right?

(just kidding!)


Then yesterday, when Sam was supposed to be taking a nap, I walk in on this...


amy. said...

One week from today and I get to see the amazing crawling Sam in person! WooHoo!

danielle said...

oh more blog posts! I only have time to reply now because my m-i-l is watching rosa! sam is looking super cute and he'll probably be walking by the time we see you in september...and rosa still won't be.