Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What's Shakin?

Sam has gone to bed, and I should probably follow. Even if I'm tired, we tend to stay up until 11 or so, watching TV. And tonight I reallly should take advantage of Sam's first long stretch of sleep...we had a record of 5 hours the other night! But it's from 7 to midnight, so not so helpful in the mama sleep department. But since J is out I have no one to zone out with in front of the tube. And there's nothing to watch anyway since I'm letting our DVR tape Hell's Kitchen. J and I both like that show and it's best I watch it with my hubby, otherwise I may get swept up in the strange sexiness of Gordon Ramsey's profanity and creased forehead.

Where's J? Well, he found some other boys to dork out with and go see Transformers. J was concerned that his new workplace would not have the high incidence of nerdiness that he enjoyed at his former office, but luckily he found others willing to argue the implications of Optimus Prime being a plane (I think?) instead of a gun.

They aren't super dorky or anything. It's long after opening night. Not like they stood in line waiting so they could be one of the first. Or, God forbid, pay someone to stand in line for them...I don't know anyone who would go that far. Oh wait...um, yeah...

That's my Daddy! And you guessed it, that's an iPhone in his hands. He was third in line...or rather, his employee was third in line. Until Dad came to relieve him that is. With all this dorky blood in the family, Sam is doomed to a life of MacWorld and Star Wars conventions.

So Sam is now 7 months old! Crazy. He's sitting up pretty good now and crawling like a madman. I need to really do a once over with the baby proofing. He makes a beeline for anything with wires. He's not real fast yet, so he's easy to head off, but he's getting more proficient every day.

He's loving food. Cheerios are his new babysitter. I just throw a handful on the highchair and he's occupied for 10 minutes. Well, it used to be 10 minutes, now it seems more like 10 seconds. He's getting more proficient at that too.

Tubbs is also enjoying the transition into solid foods. His new favorite spot is next to Sam's high chair. Sam is not so neat. It's actually nice to have Tubbs there to clean up the mess. But I don't let him clean up all the mess, though I'm sure he'd like Sam clean if I let him.

That is the weirdest picture. Funny, but weird.

Sam and I spent the Fourth at a cute little parade in Bristol, VT with Amy and Sam's buddy Lucas.

They were born 3 days apart. It's funny to hang out with another baby Sam's age and see the differences. Lucas is pretty mellow. Sam was pretty good, until the car ride home when he decided he was hungry. And wanted to eat NOW. Luckily we weren't going far, so a short ride later and a few million renditions of Old MacDonald later he was happily nursing.

Last weekend Sam went on his first boat ride!

A group of mom's and I took the ferry across to New York to a cute little town and had lunch.

We walked around looking at the super expensive boutiques, got caught in a crazy rainstorm, ate ice cream and came home. It was fun, but exhausting. I am so tired lately, I didn't realize paying attention to conversation could be so taxing.

Sam was tired too...

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j said...

um, MEGATRON was a plane instead of a gun. Come on. And it was awesome.