Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sorry Honey, Wii're broke

I just finished setting up our home finances in a nice freeware program. Things are a little out of control around here. The move and subsequent "Home Improvement" led to a frenzy of purchases. For a couple months we were living as though our income is about 3 times what it is. We've gotten so used to whippin out the debit card and buying crap.

Well, we ain't no millionares and if we don't want the rest of our savings to disappear we need to get back to reality. The line between what we want and what we need has become blurred. Looking at how much we have spent at a certain big box store is making me break out in hives. Of course J doesn't really look at the money and he has been loving his Saturday morning trips to the sprawl. It's going to be a hard recovery having him go cold turkey. I think it's beginning to warp his senses...

Me: Ugh, I should go to Kmart and buy a bathmat. I hate Kmart.

J: You should go buy a Wii!

Me: Yeah. I'm not going anywhere. I think you should go...

No one ended up going, but the next day, J said I agreed to get a Wii. I don't think so.

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